OpenStack Release Team Onboarding

Boston Forum, May, 2017


Coordinating the release of OpenStack deliverables, by defining the overall development cycle, release models, publication processes, versioning rules and tools, then enabling project teams to produce their own releases.


  • Release schedule planning and coordination
  • Assist teams producing deliverables
  • Communicate to users of deliverables
  • Maintaining release automation

Not Responsible for

  • Feature scheduling
  • Feature tracking
  • Prioritization of work

We need help!

  • Need to grow new members
  • It is not hard
  • Requires less influence than before

Typical candidate profile

  • You are a perfectionist
  • You have basic development knowledge (to assess patch impact)
  • You like to write things down
  • You like to apply and follow process rules
  • You like automation

Before PTG

  • Establish and publish release schedule
  • Set up openstack/releases repository for the new cycle

Before Milestone 1

  • Sign up liaisons
  • Review release models with PTLs and liaisons

Before Milestone 2

  • Follow up with PTLs and liaisons of projects that missed the first milestone

Before Milestone 3

  • Coordinate the library release freeze
  • Start setting up gerrit for the stable branches for the new release
  • Update the CI system to handle the new stable branches
  • Coordinate requirements freeze

Before RC1

  • Review the RC process with liaisons
  • Remind liaisons to create new stable branches

At RC1

  • Ensure all projects are branched
  • Coordinate updates and branching for devstack and grenade
  • Coordinate branching of requirements list

Before Final

  • Coordinate tagging of additional candidates
  • Publish a planned set of final releases for PTL and liaison review

At Final

  • Tag the final releases
  • Update gerrit settings for the new branches
  • Coordinate with the docs team to publish the documentation

Joining the Team

  • Join #openstack-release
  • Learn about Semantic Versioning
  • Review release requests (version numbers, timing, stable policy)
  • Learn about packaging (Python, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Learn how the automation works (we will teach you!)



#openstack-release on freenode

[release] on openstack-dev list

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